The private wellness studio we have created ideal conditions for your relaxation. Absolute privacy and a clean environment for us. Treat yourself to moments of undisturbed peace and rest, either all alone with your partner, with another couple or friends. Private wellness is up to 4 people.

Experience unforgettable moments of fun and relaxation in the hot tub. Enjoy a whirlpool bath with water massage the whole body. While staying in the whirlpool, where the water reaches body temperature, generally releasing tight muscles, activate muscles, stabilize blood pressure and heart rate and strengthen the heart. Individual jets will give you massage and your worries will gradually flow in the swirling water.

Undisturbed relaxation you can indulge in the sauna or steam room. In the sauna, sit on a towel or sheet, which you can borrow for free. Sauna awaits at 110 ° C. Breathe surface to get used to a higher temperature. When lying down, the body heats evenly. Beautifully to release the muscles and relax. Do not pass one cycle longer than 15 minutes and repeat twice. Then always take a shower with cold water and get dry.

The steam bath is usually about 40-50 °C and high humidity. Like in the sauna also occurs here to open pores and a significant sweating, but high humidity prevents perspiration to evaporate and cool the body. Because you will lose weight. Indeed, when the body temperature rises one degree, increases metabolism by about 15%. Steam cabin beneficial in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, hoarseness, muscle strain and circulatory disorders.

Part of the private wellness studio is cozy relaxation room for your maximum comfort. Refreshments will ensure a fully stocked bar where you can prepare your favorite drink. Cracking burning fireplace that will perfectly underline the romantic atmosphere.

Private wellness center is equipped with:

  • Jacuzzi hydro-massage bath
  • Sauna
  • A steam chamber
  • Relaxation room with the stars
  • A bar and fireplace

Pricing wellness studios

Duration Price incl. VAT Reservation
2 hours 1 200 CZK Book
3 hours 1 500 CZK Book

Enjoy your relaxation...

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